SIL Pacific

Community Training

Often the best form of training is in, or close to, the local community. Many SIL staff and their families live and work in language communities and in their daily relationships mentor and coach members of those communities in a variety of tasks.

Working on Bible translation provides a prime opportunity for on-the-job training. As a team grapples with the best way to communicate a text in an accurate, clear and natural way in their own language they can be guided in applying translation principles and develop their analytical and critical thinking skills.

Training may also revolve around literacy activities. Members of a local community can be encouraged and supported to develop community-centred literacy and education programs with teacher training, alphabet design and materials development.

Bible translation and literacy involve the use of computers so can provide the opportunity to teach typing, basic computing skills and desktop publishing skills. Learning computer skills may also necessitate instruction in maintaining solar and electrical systems.

Along with staff providing training in the villages where they work, we also offer structured training at centres where more staff and resources are available.