SIL Pacific

Literacy & Education

Our specialists and technicians desire to use their expertise to help address these issues in the Pacific through a variety of programs.

Multilingual Education Programs

Certain contexts may require developing multilingual programs to promote literacy in the first language and also provide access to a language of wider communication. Other contexts require bridging between national and local language literacy. SIL Pacific is currently partnering with UNESCO, providing consultants for Multilingual Education programs.

Mother Tongue Literacy Programs

SIL staff partner with community members to develop programs that train local literacy workers and promote the mother tongue in formal and informal education settings.

Issues in Literacy

Our specialists partner with communities and organisations in planning and developing literacy and education programs, emphasising the local language as the gateway to basic literacy. SIL's vision is to see literacy become a sustainable community value with the development of literacy goals and activities in the hands of the local people.

Widely-recognised global literacy issues include:

  • the staggering statistics of illiteracy
  • education of marginalised minorities
  • language of instruction
  • language preservation
  • poverty
  • women's education
  • alphabets for previously unwritten languages.