SIL Pacific

  • SIL Work in the Pacific

    SIL has nearly 60 years of language development experience in the South Pacific.

  • Resources

    SIL promotes and shares the results of research with local communities and the world.

  • Partners in Language Development

    SIL staff assist with alphabet design in unwritten languages, dictionaries, Bible translation, literacy and more.

SIL Pacific is committed to serving language communities throughout the South Pacific. We desire to build capacity for sustainable language development. We do this primarily through research, translation, training and materials development.



About SIL Pacific

The Pacific region has the richest diversity of languages in the world. SIL teams work with language communities and assist them with their own language development.

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Who We Serve

Staff from over 20 countries serve language communities throughout the Pacific, in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Micronesia and Polynesia.

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Solomon Star


Life in the Pacific is rapidly changing. SIL serves alongside communities and celebrates with them accomplishments that allow language communities to grow and flourish.

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