SIL Pacific's services in applied technology are concentrated on four major initiatives:

Appropriate Technology

New communication technologies are exploding across the Pacific. Many rural and even urban areas have moved quickly to mobile technology, including smart phones. To equip local communities and churches with the technology tools needed for language development, SIL Pacific is focusing research on durable inexpensive power and computing systems. SIL has developed many specialised software products that are simple to use and intuitive.  Click here to learn more of the software and freeware SIL has developed.


Electronic media distribution can provide reading materials in areas where distributing printed materials can be a challenge. Our specialists can assist communities to present their language grammars, dictionaries and cultural stories to a greater world. Sustainable local language literacy programs can be facilitated by local people. Communities can make locally developed publications, including local language Scripture, available on the web.


SIL has partnership networks to help create superior communication systems where there are none presently available, to facilitate greater work collaboration between individuals, whole communities, and outside language consultants. Mobile technology is the backbone of our communications, but satellite technology is also utilised in some situations.


Applied Technology in any form, is utterly worthless without culturally appropriate training. SIL seeks to empower Pacific Islanders by sharing knowledge through local training and mentoring as well as workshops for larger gatherings.